Case study

Multilingual Labels

An International company supplying construction equipment around the globe was looking for a better way of buying robust labels in the right language, without either increasing cost or suffering from long lead times. MTM were able to design multilingual labels for use in different countries and improve stock management.

Stock Management Solutions

A potential customer was fed up with having to buy a year worth’s of nameplates to get a decent price from a competitor, which tied up both money and space.  MTM were able to offer the customer a competitive price based on estimated annual consumption, quantities for monthly deliveries were agreed. The customer sent a letter of intent and MTM took responsibility for stock management

Labels Fading

A potential customer who manufactures construction equipment was suffering from safety and brand labels which faded after a short time in service. MTM used inks and materials that were particularly suited for equipment regularly exposed to direct sunlight.

Cost Effective Solutions

A manufacturer and supplier of commercial vehicle ancillary equipment was under severe price pressures. MTM proactively suggested ways of reducing cost by making minor adjustments to label dimensions which had no adverse effect on quality and was barely noticeable but enabled an improvement in yield from the master sheet of material.

Low Surface Energy Labels

A major construction equipment manufacturer was having difficulty applying a label to a circular pillar manufactured from low surface energy plastic. MTM were able to offer a combination of substrate, ink and protective laminate that ensured good adhesion, and was robust enough to survive the rigours of a construction site.

Labels Falling Off

MTM helped a major supplier of agricultural equipment who was having problems with labels falling off their machines. MTM carried out an onsite assessment of possible causes and were able to identify a few easy and cheap to implement changes. MTM produced a set of bespoke guides covering design, application and storage for the customer, which highlight best practice.

The Solutions Provider

MTM Products are frequently involved in development work with our customers, we have non-disclosure agreements with many and for this reason, we are unable to show in-depth case studies and disclose customer details