Innovative approaches for the industrial sector

At MTM, our extensive experience spans a broad spectrum of companies in the industrial sector, playing a crucial role in helping them adhere to rigorous safety regulations.

Our team of experts are on hand to meet your specific requirements, by creating bespoke and industrial aluminium nameplates and graphic overlays, which are available in various thicknesses, finishes and colours.

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Providing solutions for clients within the industrial sector

A prominent supplier of military equipment, who caters to various clients, including the Ministry of Defence (MoD), required customised plates with specific colours, fonts and materials for use on a range of vehicles and equipment.

As the specific powder-coated paint was unavailable commercially, our team collaborated closely with a third-party contractor to procure the required MoD-referenced colour.

This was important, as these fonts, colours, and materials have been in use for years, and maintaining consistency with the established standards was crucial for the client’s operational requirements.

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Key project deliverables

Aluminium and stainless steel nameplates

Adhering to safety regulations

Tailored infilling techniques

Developing in-house stock solutions

Durable solutions for challenging environments

UL authorised supplier

Innovative problem-solving

During this process, we encountered challenges while working on the infill aspect of the project, which was essential to ensure clear visibility of crucial information.

To address this, MTM had to develop a new method and technique for infilling the engraved letters and numbers with specialised ink. This innovative technique ensured minimal contact between the ink and the paint, while still effectively highlighting the messaging.

“It was a challenging opportunity to replace an existing standard in a sensitive application, so we had to experiment with proof of concept approaches to deliver finished goods to the customer. It was a significant learning curve internally, involving colour matching, ink bleeding, and ink types,” said Bev Salim, Head of Design and Estimating at MTM Products.

We also devised an in-house system to produce stock according to our own specifications, using the designated powder-coated paint, thereby making stock available in various sizes. This approach enables us to offer the client a standard lead time.


Customer stories

Just a short note to say how pleased we are with your service. Everyone we have dealt with have been great and delighted with the product.

Kevin – Director

Engineering Services Company

The posters arrived first thing this morning, thank you for the quick turn around and the quality is perfect.


One of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers

We have only just started using MTM Products this past year and all we have to say is how amazing their services are!! The staff are very friendly and helpful when choosing the best stickers for us. They have helped us get the best quality stickers to use on our products.


Manufacturer of award-winning agricultural machinery

How we provide durable solutions for challenging conditions

At MTM, we enjoy overcoming challenges, which is what we did when a global power management company reached out to us.

They required nameplates for oil rigs, meaning they needed to withstand harsh weather conditions and saltwater exposure, all while meeting UL Marking requirements.

Given that the nameplates would be exposed to a harsh environment, we carefully considered the materials before opting for a subsurface-printed aluminium. This choice guaranteed that the nameplates would be less likely to fade, or scratch and would be more durable overall.

To ensure the nameplates’ longevity in a saltwater environment, we worked with the customer in testing various adhesives, using the technical information on the data sheets, to suit the material and environment.

After some experimentation, we identified the adhesive that offered the perfect adhesion to withstand the challenging conditions.

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Adapting to changes

Throughout our collaboration with this customer, as their requirements evolved in response to ongoing work, we accommodated and adapted our processes.

Using our initiative, we developed a new method for creating serial numbers across the industry, significantly improving efficiency for this client, and others.

This new software for generating serial numbers benefits both MTM and our clients, delivering immense value and resulting in quicker deliveries, without compromising the quality of the serialisation process.


Developing relationships for better efficiency

At MTM, we recognise the importance of direct communication, especially when our clients have offices or facilities located outside the UK.

For example, when one of our industrial customers expanded into Poland, we continued to work closely with them to ensure their needs were met. This ongoing partnership allowed us to establish a long-standing relationship, with our team streamlining communications by directly engaging with their contact.

As many of our customer’s items also require UL approved marked plates for use in their industry, we’ve forged a strong relationship with the UL office too.

This mutually beneficial relationship not only enhances our efficiency, but also benefits our customers.

Claire King, Sales Manager at MTM Products, says, “Once the UL office is aware of our involvement in the product manufacture, they include us, which enhances overall efficiency through this established relationship.”

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Leading the way in the industrial sector

As demonstrated through our work with industrial customers, we collaborate with you to resolve challenges and fulfil precise requirements. Leveraging our industry-specific and technical expertise, we assist you in discovering the most fitting solution.

Furthermore, we recognise the critical role of clear communication, especially regarding operating instructions, safety information, legislation and model details. Our dedicated team ensures that your product not only aligns with industry standards but is also designed for readability and comprehension.

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