Designing labels which enhance branding for companies in the automotive industry 

At MTM Products, we help customers from the automotive sector promote and enhance their branding, with solutions that can withstand high temperatures and tough weather conditions.

Our team of experts are on hand to meet your specific requirements, by creating bespoke aluminium nameplates and industrial graphic overlays which are available in a variety of thicknesses, finishes and colours.

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Innovative things we’ve delivered for customers in this sector 

A globally recognised automotive brand wanted to replicate old plates from several classic cars that no longer existed, and they needed to look authentic. 

Development work was required to master this, with additional processes added, such as having the material nickel plated and powder coated to give an aged effect. After many trials, we managed to successfully supply the plates as requested, and have since supplied more unique products for the customer.

For instance, they also requested bespoke nameplates for their new vehicle range to honour the old model which was launched 30 years prior.

We worked collaboratively with the company, discussing exactly what was needed, from shape and style to adhesion, before visiting their site to see the vehicle and take measurements.

One of the specific requirements on this project was that the plates needed to be slightly rounded to fit properly in the boot door of the vehicle, and the adhesive had to be carefully selected to last the lifetime of the car.

“In order for us to achieve this, our team developed a tool to bend the aluminium, before making a one-of-a-kind jig which mimicked the curve for accuracy and consistency during installation,” said Bev Salim, Head of Design & Estimating at MTM Products.

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Key project deliverables

Enhancing branding with bespoke solutions

Unique aluminium nameplates 

Industrial graphic overlays

Assisting with installation

Long-lasting solutions

Working to short time frames

Limited edition capability

Many brands in the automotive sector are looking for engaging ways to enhance their branding and stand out from the crowd in marketing campaigns, by launching things such as limited-edition vehicles in partnership with other brands.

We’ve worked on several projects now, which involved creating special plates and replacing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) labels to showcase these brand partnerships, as well as to commemorate events.

“Often, these projects involve us having to ship to multiple dealers and locations around the world in a short period of time. Our design team are always pushing the limits to create concepts that deliver the best possible outcome for the client,” said Mark Niblett, Managing Director at MTM Products.


Customer stories

Excellent service from initial contact through to receiving order. MTM worked closely with us to provide a quality product.


A leading Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) supplier in the UK

MTM are always willing to support us in supply and development of products and provide an efficient service in line with our production needs.


Pioneer in manufacturing agricultural landscaping equipment

It is always a pleasure to be dealing with MTM. Excellent service from design and quote, all the way to the delivery of the last batch.


A leading player in the telecommunications market

How our solutions have also saved our clients money  

Recently, a large global vehicle manufacturer got in touch, because they needed serial plates with numbers on for their production line.  

The hope was that the plates would save their employees time, as once scanned, they would know which part was for which vehicle, as well as identify the specific production line they’re required for.

We recommended that they add QR codes to the aluminium plates, as this would allow them to use scanners to track in real time where the parts are as they move around the warehouse. It was also important that we ensured the serialised numbers were easy to read, so as not to cause confusion between 6’s and 9’s, which led to us adding dots to these digits.

Thanks to our bespoke solution, we were able to save the customer an impressive £160,000 on non-productive labour costs, with other exciting work now in the pipeline.

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Providing automotive businesses with leading solutions

As showcased through our work with other automotive customers, we take the time to understand your business’s unique application, before leveraging our industry-specific and technical expertise to recommend you the most suitable automotive labels.

We understand that you’re looking for flexibility, reliability, and high-quality products. Our team works collaboratively with yours to provide a seamless and painless experience, where we share the same common goal and end result.

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