Vinyl Cut Decals

Bespoke vinyl decals manufacturers

Long-lasting vinyl cut decals for your business

At MTM Products, we manufacture and supply computer cut vinyl decals with pre-spaced lettering for short, medium and long service life applications.

Our innovative processes allow us to design high-quality vinyl cut decals with complex graphics in a range of colours and materials. We ensure your decal is suitable for your specific operating environment, using vinyl with removable, permanent or high-tack adhesive standard (for adhesion to low surface energy materials) to deliver the perfect solution.

Both CAD vinyl and printed decals are supplied with a carrier tape for ease of application and can be either wet or dry applied.

Computer cut vinyl pre-spaced lettering or shapes can be used as a cost-effective alternative to printing for small quantities on rigid panel signage.

As our cut vinyl decals are a custom product, we follow your branding guidelines to match fonts and colours, ensuring it conforms with your brand.

Vinyl cut decals tailored for your industry

For single colour cut vinyl decals intended for application to painted surfaces, we offer coloured self-adhesive UV stable CAD vinyl. Coloured throughout the thickness of the material, this offers high protection against colour fading.

If you’re looking for multi-coloured decals or if the decal is for application to an LSE surface, we supply a printed white vinyl with optional laminate to increase resistance to colour fading.

We have the manufacturing techniques to ensure vinyl cut decals are of high quality, with our technical experts able to recommend the correct option for your application and sector.

Sectors we supply graphic overlays include:

  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Marine
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Construction & agricultural equipment
  • Access equipment
  • Medical
  • Audio / visual

Benefits of vinyl cut decals

MTM’s vinyl cut decals with pre-spaced lettering or shapes further enhance your brand compared to standard vinyl labels and are are suitable when a bespoke and aesthetic solution is required.

We stock a range of materials which have a service life of up to 10 years, all of which are RoHS and REACH compliant. The features of which include, high-tack adhesive options for application to low surface energy plastics and powder coated metal.

Discover more of our vinyl cut decal applications, features and materials below.

Material options 
  • Superior brand image
  • Up to 10-year service life
  • Good range of CAD vinyl colours
  • Extended range of colours with printed option
  • Resistance to colour fading
  • Removable, permanent or high-tack adhesive
  • Branding labels
  • Model number labels
  • Site signage
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Machine graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Standard and low surface energy adhesives
  • Coloured CAD Vinyl
  • Gloss white vinyl for printed option
  • Limited range of colours available with PVC free material
  • Paper or plastic application tape
  • Gloss, satin, or matt clear laminate option
  • Frosted vinyl
  • Standard and low surface energy adhesives

Learn more about our services 

All of our vinyl cut decals can be custom designed and produced on a fast-tracked basis, so that you get the exact requirements you need at a timescale that suits you.

Why choose MTM Products for your vinyl decals? 

With 40 years’ experience as a vinyl cut decal manufacturer, we work collaboratively to deliver the right solution for you using innovative processes.

MTM Products are a UL authorised label supplier and can advise on material combinations that comply with UL969 standard. All the materials we use are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Our friendly team will consider the environment, surface, service life and industry specific requirements to deliver a smart, cost-effective solution.

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