Durable label solutions for the construction sector

At MTM, we play a pivotal role in aiding the construction sector with long-lasting solutions, where we understand the need for high-quality and durability.

Equipment in this industry is often operated in harsh environments, so it’s crucial to provide self adhesive labels and vinyl-cut decals that can withstand these conditions and resist colour fading. Our team is on hand to ensure this and guarantee the longevity and service life of the labels.

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Enhancing label solutions for clients within the construction sector

Recently, we collaborated with an established construction and plant machinery manufacturer who supplies equipment for numerous hire companies.

They were seeking a label solution for one of their products — a mobile water tank made of low surface energy plastic — as they found that their labels were curling up and coming off.

Through research conducted by our experts, we discovered that certain traditional vinyl adhesives would not effectively bond to the tank’s surface due to this low surface energy. To resolve this issue, MTM sourced a low surface energy adhesive.

Now, after MTM proved this new concept worked, when labels are required for products with this low surface energy, we can ensure the appropriate adhesive is used.

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Key project deliverables

Digital and screen printing

Environmental-specific vinyl printing 

Arranging consignment systems

Long-lasting solutions

Developing low surface energy adhesives

Combatting label detachment issues

Innovative label design and product collaboration

Furthermore, to prevent the client’s customers or personnel from easily picking at the labels, MTM proposed rounding the corners. This innovation has since become a standard for them, with MTM seamlessly incorporating these requirements into their subsequent products.

Through our partnership, we’ve continued working with the customer on several projects, even assisting them in introducing a new product to the market.

For instance, we collaborated with them to design new green labels with a leafy effect that aligns with their branding, ahead of the launch of their new eco-friendly electric alternative to their diesel and petrol-operated dumper trucks.


Customer stories

I have just received the plates you made for me. I am absolutely blown away with how good they look. I would say they are as good if not better than the original, and thanks for suggesting going with a thicker material, because of this they have a higher quality appearance to them. I’m more than happy with the finished goods.

Dave – Product Launch Engineer

Building Consultant

MTM have supported us with our printing requirements for the past few years, ordering is quick and easy and they always deliver a quality product.


UK's largest independent supplier of tail lift, shutter door and load restraint parts

It is always a pleasure to be dealing with MTM. Excellent service from design and quote, all the way to the delivery of the last batch.


A leading player in the telecommunications market

Adapting to customer needs

Due to the variety of production lines, our construction customers often grapple with stock management challenges.

For one customer, we proposed a 2-Bin consignment system. Through this consignment arrangement, we guarantee regular weekly visits, during which our representative assesses production lines and stock levels. When stock nears a predefined threshold in both the primary and backup bin, it is replenished, and only then is the customer invoiced.

This system ensures that everything needed is readily available on their production lines, with the second of the bins providing backup stock before our weekly visits.

This has also reduced lead times, which is a crucial benefit when the customer needs to produce products, sometimes at short notice.

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Combating ink fading

Due to concerns of ink fading, MTM took proactive steps in creating a board with colour samples that were rigorously tested in outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight. This enables us to provide comprehensive advice to our clients.

In the case of this specific customer, we conducted research and located a sun-blocking solution that is printed as an additional layer on top of the ink to prevent fading. This innovation is particularly valuable for products or equipment that are continuously outside and exposed to the harsh effects of UV rays.

The sun-blocking additive is applied during the printing process and has proven highly effective in extending the longevity of these labels.

As a result of this successful solution, we can now extend this option to other clients who use colours that we’ve identified as susceptible to fading, especially reds, yellows, and oranges.


Precision colour matching

Much like our experience with the previous client, we faced challenges when working with an agricultural company that manufactures power arm technology and innovative green and cultivation machinery.

This client had a specific yellow machine, painted in their brand colour, and required the label to match this shade of yellow precisely.

While MTM can digitally print and screen print using various types of vinyl, there were instances where the shade wasn’t an exact match due to different lighting conditions, printing methods, or materials.

To address this issue, MTM sourced a ‘Sunflower’ yellow vinyl in the required shade, eliminating the need for printing and ensuring a perfect match to the required yellow.

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Overcoming challenges in the construction sector

Our experience in the construction sector, working with various clients, shows our dedication to innovation and collaboration, and our commitment to finding bespoke solutions to their unique challenges.

From precise colour matching to implementing consignment stock systems, we remain ready to address our clients’ ever-evolving needs, providing you with solutions that you can rely on.

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