Ensuring industry regulations are met for clients in the electrical sector

At MTM, we work with a wide range of companies in the electrical sector, helping them to adhere to strict safety regulations. 

From warning signs and makers’ plates to light safety signs and fire alarm panels, we work collaboratively to ensure designs are produced to required specifications, considering things such as weight, size, dimensions, materials and illumination.  

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Common problems our electrical clients have faced

Recently, we helped Mackwell, one of the leading providers of technology solutions for the global lighting industry, who were experiencing problems with how light was diffusing through their emergency lighting panels.

Our team worked closely with theirs to create a graphic which would diffuse light in the correct way, while meeting industry regulations. This process involved creating several different graduations, which we tested against a number of variations, to discover which process worked best.

Alongside this, we developed a solution which involved placing additional strips around the edge of the panel to eliminate light diffusion from there too, helping Mackwell to successfully take a new product to market.

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Key project deliverables

Aluminium nameplate solutions

Graphic overlays with bespoke features

Adhering to safety regulations

Enhancing light diffusion

Ensuring no discolouration

Assisting with fire safety panels

How else have we helped other clients in this sector?

Similarly to Mackwell, a global power management company was struggling with emergency lighting panels which were turning from green to blue – meaning they were not in line with required safety standards or meeting internal quality standards.

After a thorough investigation, the MTM team discovered that the intensity of the LED bulb was causing discolouration, so we completed several different test prints to find a resolution to the issue. Finally, we managed to source a more pigmented ink which could resist the intensity of the light.

This client was also looking for an overlay which would replicate a brushed stainless-steel effect, so that its panels would suit high-end upholstery in an office environment.

Once we’d sourced the ideal material, we trialled it with different inks in order to provide a product which met the customer’s requirements.

“The great thing about this product, is that our customers can have colours and reversed surface printing on the panels, giving them greater design flexibility. This printing technique also offers better protection as it’s more durable,” said Bev Salim, Head of Design & Estimating at MTM Products.


Customer stories

I have just received the plates you made for me. I am absolutely blown away with how good they look. I would say they are as good if not better than the original, and thanks for suggesting going with a thicker material, because of this they have a higher quality appearance to them. I’m more than happy with the finished goods.

Dave – Product Launch Engineer

Building Consultant

MTM are always willing to support us in supply and development of products and provide an efficient service in line with our production needs.


Pioneer in manufacturing agricultural landscaping equipment

The posters arrived first thing this morning, thank you for the quick turn around and the quality is perfect.


One of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers

Growing the knowledge of our team to provide new solutions

Recently, a customer who is a technology leader in electrification and automation, was searching for a stud-welded panel which would fit the overlays they already purchase from us.

Although this was something we hadn’t offered in our range previously, we carried out development work to ensure this was something MTM could create and supply.

Not only did the product need to be fabricated, but we also had to purchase new equipment and train team members in new tack welding skills.

By helping the client find a solution, we were able to shorten their supply chain, save them money on purchasing and cut down on deployment time.

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Ensuring our products are fit for purpose

Electrical companies often come to us because they require graphic overlays which have specific features, like windows for reading instructions through, cut-outs, or embossed or domed buttons.

This was the case when we worked with an original equipment manufacturer to provide a white-labelled product for a specialist market in dust filtration.

On this occasion, the customer required a large window on an overlay which would have a touch screen behind it, so it needed to be sensitive to touch and easy to read through.

During this project, the product was constantly evolving, with problems which had to be solved along the way, such as studs on the fascia causing issues with the overlay, ensuring that the window was clear enough without bubbling or frosting and choosing the right adhesive.

“After trialling a couple of alternate materials, we soon found the perfect one that worked well as a touch panel overlay, which did not mark or scratch easily and proved fit for purpose,” said Julie Taylor, Deputy Managing Director/Quality Manager at MTM Products.


Supporting clients with product application

Once a product has been created, our involvement with the customer doesn’t end there. We work collaboratively with them to make sure that installation goes smoothly.

For instance, sometimes clients may have issues when applying the products, which are often down to wrong installation practices. This happened recently, where employees were getting lots of errors during application, which they initially thought may have been down to the adhesive.

In order to support with this, we were on hand to educate their team members on how to correctly apply the product, providing easy-to-follow guides for future reference.

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A leader in the electrical sector

Our work in the electrical sector illustrates MTM’s success in providing customised solutions which address the various challenges companies in this industry face, including observing strict safety regulations and ensuring products are fully functional and fit for purpose.

MTM’s commitment to quality, innovation and collaboration has consistently delivered positive outcomes for our clients.

We’ve also helped businesses from other industries – read our other case studies here to find out more.

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