Kitting of parts


Kitting of parts

Our team can supply kits of labels or nameplates for an individual machine or application, which has the potential to reduce cost and save time on the production line.

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Why choose our kitting of parts service?

We aim to support the profitability of your business by offering solutions that improve efficiency with our kitting of parts service.

Using a single kit reference number, you can order all the labels, nameplates and vinyl cut decals required for a piece of equipment. Alternatively, the kit can be broken down into sub-kits which can be used at a specific place on your production line.

Our kits are designed to reduce your order processing costs, as you’ll only have to order one single part. They can be supplied as individual labels and nameplates in a clearly labelled polyethene bag, or in a kiss-cut easy peel sheet for self-adhesive vinyl labels.

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Our kitting of parts process

At MTM Products, we seek to simplify parts management by offering solutions which improve productivity, while limiting the potential for misplaced or lost materials.

Our process:
  1. We work with you to identify opportunities where kitting of parts will assist your operations.
  2. You’ll be assigned a custom part number to each kit for easy ordering.
  3. We’ll assemble the chosen kits to your specification.
  4. Our team will despatch the order to meet your project or production schedules.

Key benefits:

Increases the speed of production

Improves productivity

Simplifies project management

Improves stock management

Ensures full set of labels are available for production

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Customer stories

MTM products have been a long-standing vendor / partner with KBRS who are always willing to help. A good communicator and always on time with our orders, which is key to our supply chain.


World's leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial

MTM have supported us with our printing requirements for the past few years, ordering is quick and easy and they always deliver a quality product.


UK's largest independent supplier of tail lift, shutter door and load restraint parts

The posters arrived first thing this morning, thank you for the quick turn around and the quality is perfect.


One of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers

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How do we help?

We work with your purchasing and manufacturing teams to assess whether kitting of parts is the right solution for you.

Speak to a team member today to discover how kitting has benefited many of our customers, and how we can work together to meet your needs.

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