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Bespoke metal nameplates

At MTM Products, we offer an extensive variety of custom-made, high-quality, and durable metal nameplates for use in a wide range of industries.

We use advanced technology to provide anodised aluminium nameplates, where the print is sealed within the aluminium, screen printed, fibre laser etched or engraved metal nameplates that will last for many years, even in the harshest environments.

Our nameplates are available with rivet holes and/or adhesive backing, specifically made to the environment in which the product will be used, or the required application.

We have the capability to screen print and digitally print nameplates with one or more spot colours, or full four colour photo quality.

Variable information, such as sequential or random numbers, barcodes, QR codes and Data Matrix codes can also be included in the graphics using digital printing or fibre laser etching.

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Metal nameplates tailored for your industry

Metal nameplates offer a robust, durable, and attractive solution for brand and model identification, as well as for more traditional applications, like serial and rating plates across the manufacturing industry.

Discover more of the benefits below or get in touch with our friendly team of experts who will be able to advise the best solution for you.

Sectors that we supply metal nameplates for, include:




Construction and agriculture

Access equipment


Play and street furniture

Types of metal nameplates

With state-of-the-art technology, MTM Products expertly produce engraved and etched labels and nameplates which are bespoke to order.

We supply a wide range of nameplates in different materials, thicknesses and finishes, suitable for a variety of requirements.

Here are our nameplate options:

Aluminium nameplates

Brass nameplates

Stainless steel nameplates

Engraved metal nameplates

Screen printed nameplates

Digitally printed nameplates

Fibre laser etched nameplates

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Customer stories

MTM have supported us with our printing requirements for the past few years, ordering is quick and easy and they always deliver a quality product.


UK's largest independent supplier of tail lift, shutter door and load restraint parts

We appreciate the help and support MTM gave us, in manufacturing the labels for our new fire extinguishers in various languages. We see MTM as our strategic partner for all our labels and nameplates.


A wholesaler and distributor of commercial vehicle body hardware

As a supplier, MTM are always willing to go the extra mile and bring jobs forward wherever possible to help hit short delivery dates. Willing to go above and beyond to help where they can.


Provider of industry-leading safety showers

Nameplate solutions for your business

If you’re looking for nameplates for both interior and exterior applications, we have the solutions for you.

Nameplate applications

Model / serial / VIN plates

Information and instruction panels

Branding plates

Fire and alarm panels

Waymarking signs

Composite aluminium and plastic plates

Control panel fascia

Fire safety layout plans

Full colour pictures and photos

Benefits of our nameplates and labels

Our metal nameplates boast a wide range of features, from durability and abrasion resistance to complex graphics and laser etched designs.

Nameplate features
Material options


  • Durable
  • Print sealed within the aluminium
  • Complex graphics with fine detail
  • Photo quality full colour prints
  • Satin, matt, or gloss silver finish
  • Variable information – serialisation, barcodes, QR codes Data Matrix codes
  • High dimensional accuracy (BSEN22768-1 (m))
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Unaffected by cleaning chemicals


  • Durable
  • Laser etched – black text, symbols, barcodes, QR codes
  • Etched with durable colour infill
  • Screen printed with two pack ink to enhance ink adhesion
  • Shaped with holes
  • Adhesive backed


  • Fibre laser etched giving a durable black marking
  • Etched and filled with coloured paint
  • Screen printed
  • Brushed or bright polished surface


  • T316 brushed (dull polished) stainless steel – 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm & 2mm
  • T304/T316 bright polished stainless steel – 0.9mm & 1.2mm (other thicknesses to order)
  • Super Duplex dull stainless steel (for extreme offshore requirements) – 2mm


  • Open-pore satin silver aluminium – thickness 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm
  • Open-pore matt silver aluminium – thickness 1.5mm & 3mm
  • Open-pore gloss silver aluminium – thickness 0.5mm
  • Open-pore satin silver aluminium with chromated rear face
  • Powder coated or painted aluminium – customer specified RAL colours or to MOD standard


  • 0.9 – 2mm brass
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Why choose MTM Products for your nameplates?

With our experience as a metal nameplate manufacturer, we’re constantly pushing to deliver the right solution for you using trusted, tried and tested processes.

We are a UL authorised label printer, able to advise on material combinations that comply with UL969 standards and have a first-class facility designed especially for the manufacture of high-quality metal nameplates.

Our friendly team will work to understand the environment, positioning, service life and industry regulations involved with your product to advise on the best option to ensure you receive a smart solution.

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