Our samples

We offer a variety of complimentary MTM branded samples that represent our range, quality and capabilities, so that you can see the high-quality solutions we produce.

Customer specific samples are also available at a reasonable cost.

What samples are available?

All of MTM’s generic samples are tested against relevant parameters, such as temperature, UV exposure and abrasion resistance, and are free of charge. We also supply unprinted substrate and adhesive samples at no cost for you to check compatibility with your product.

All products manufactured by MTM are bespoke to an individual customer, including our labels, nameplates and graphic overlays. PPAPs and First Article Inspection Reports are also available with samples on request, with the cost depending on the product and information required.

If you require a customer specific sample prior to committing to ordering a production quantity, we do have to make a charge. To arrange this, simply contact a member of our team.

How can we help?

At MTM Products, we understand that new customers need confidence in our quality, expertise and capability prior to placing production orders.

Our range of complimentary samples should give you that confidence, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require additional information.

Speak to our friendly team to discuss your requirements and request samples now.

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