Fire Escape Signage

Leading you to safety

MTM Products are a preferred supplier to many of the leading emergency lighting original equipment manufacturers in the UK and Mainland Europe.

LED illumination of signs has brought new challenges and MTM Products has worked in partnership with equipment manufacturers to ensure that fire escape signage is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The emergency lighting industry is heavily regulated with International, European and National specifications defining safety colours, safety symbols, illuminance and colour contrast. The position and type of light source differs for each product and customised solutions are required.

MTM Products also offer photo luminescent safety signage.

MTM Products is respected by its customers as a professional and easy to work with partner with the expertise to develop and deliver high quality compliant products.

Features and Benefits

  • Technical expertise based on over 40 years’ experience
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment
  • Specific understanding of the needs of the emergency lighting sector
  • Problem solving skills
  • Customised solutions
  • Customer driven

Our work


Things to consider

Every requirement is different and needs a bespoke solution.

Signs that are illuminated present their own challenges as even the smallest blemish shows up. The controls and expertise required to manufacture high quality, blemish free emergency lighting signage are extremely high and MTM Products has been selected as a strategic supplier by some of the leading European emergency lighting companies because of its expertise, quality, competitive pricing and customer driven ethos.

We supply signs complying with ISO7010, BS5499, HTM065 and the European Sign Directive. We also supply other pictograms showing the location of facilities or fire lighting equipment.

All the materials used by MTM Products are RoHS and REACH compliant unless specifically stated otherwise.


Our Approach

We use our manufacturing expertise and technical capability to engineer a solution, right for your product. We work collaboratively, using innovative processes to give you practical and cost-effective solutions.

Let’s find the solution to your industrial graphics requirements, together.

MTM Products – the industrial graphics specialists.

Let us share our expertise to make your life easier.

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What information do I need to provide to get a quotation?

To ensure we quote correctly, we need the following information:

• The quantity required (if possible both the batch quantity and estimated annual requirement. If not sure of quantity, please ask for price breaks e.g. 100/250/500.
• Preferably a drawing or photo of the required item. If neither of these are available, please advise number of colours.
• Substrate and adhesive (if required) materials. If you are not sure what materials are suitable for your application, please give a brief description of the intended application so that we can advise on options.
• Holes – if you require fixing holes or other cut outs, please provide as much detail as possible including hole dimension (s).
• Clear windows and LED windows – please provide details of your requirement.
• Logo – if the design includes a company logo please provide a detailed drawing if possible with colours (preferably Pantone or RAL references)
• Standards – please specify if the required product must comply with a specific British, European, North American or International standard. If your drawing refers to an internal specification, please provide a copy.

We will always ask for clarification if we are unclear about any information provided.

Product Quality & Service

Our aim is to meet or exceed your expectations for both the quality of our products and our service.

MTM is certificated to the International Standard ISO9001 (Quality Management System) which means that our processes, policies, and procedures are externally audited by EQA, a UKAS accredited assessment body. ISO9001 requires us to focus on customer service and continuous improvement and we pride ourselves on our product quality, service, and reliability.

For very urgent requirements, we offer MTM Express, a premium-priced express service.

A copy of our ISO9001 certificates can be downloaded from our website.

Can you supply samples?

MTM have a range of samples that demonstrate our capabilities across our product range.

If you require a sample of your product before placing production orders, we are happy to provide it, but there may be a charge that is partially or fully refunded if you subsequently place a production order.

Are you a UL authorised supplier?

MTM is one of a small number of UK label and nameplate manufacturers who are authorised by UL (Underwriters Laboratories inc.) in the USA to print UL certification marks on labels, nameplates, and graphic overlays.

More detail is available on our website.


Before we provide a quotation, we carry out a full technical review of your requirements to ensure that the product we supply is suitable for the intended application.

We stock a wide range of substrates and adhesives suitable for different:

• Temperatures
• Environments
• Surfaces, e.g. low surface energy, powder-coated

If you require alternative materials, we work with a range of strategic suppliers and can usually source what you specify.

Any charges for artwork proofs, tooling, or delivery will be advised with the quotation.

Quantity pricing

Most of the production processes we employ have both a “set up” and “run” element and for small and medium quantities the unit price can vary markedly depending on quantity.

We can offer any quantity from one to many thousands. We have alternative processes which optimise costs over the whole quantity range.

Do you provide price lists?

If you ask us to provide a quotation for several products we will provide a price list to cover the range giving breaks for varying quantities or if you prefer the alternative of a “universal price” and “pack quantity” for each item based on your estimated annual demand.

Can I open a credit account?

MTM carry out credit checks on all new potential customers, generally at the quotation stage. Subject to a satisfactory credit rating, you will be offered a 30-day trading account. For your first order, you may be required to pay against a Pro-forma invoice to manufacture. We can accept payment by check, BACS, or most credit/debit cards.

Can you accept other currencies than UK sterling?

MTM exports approximately 20% of its production, mainly to Mainland Europe.

We can currently quote in either UK Sterling or Euro. Please advise if you require a Euro quotation.

Can you provide copies of your ISO9001/ISO14001 certificates and company policies?

Copies of our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates are downloadable from the website.

Our Anti-Slavery and Anti-Bribery policies are also downloadable.

If you require copies of any other documents, we will send as email attachments.

Do you offer technical advice?

MTM offers guidance on design, application, shelf life, and storage of graphical products.

How do I place an order?

Orders should be in writing with the correct authorisation from your company stating the item(s) required, quantity per item, delivery address, and required delivery date.

Once we have received your order, we will carry out a contract review and contact you if anything is unclear or if we are unable to meet your requested delivery date. Your order is then logged onto our Sales Order Processing system with a unique order number which should be used if you need to discuss the order while it is in progress. You will normally receive an order acknowledgment within 24 hours of us receiving your order.

The first time you place an order for an item, we will allocate a unique part number which has a description that includes your part reference and issue number. For subsequent orders, it is helpful if you can quote the MTM part number on your purchase order. The product supplied will be consistent from batch to batch until you advise us of any amendment.

If you require “variable” information on your product, e.g. serialised numbers, bar codes, QR codes, please append details to your purchase order.

How do you supply artwork proofs for approval?

MTM will send you a PDF proof for your approval for any new or amended item prior to manufacturing. This will specify colours, dimensions and tolerances. We make every effort to ensure that the proof is correct, but the proofing process does enable you to make amendments if required. If the requested changes change the cost of the product, you will be advised before we proceed. Once agreement is received, we will re-acknowledge the order.

How and when will I receive my delivery?

You will receive your delivery on the acknowledged delivery date unless advised in advance. We make every effort to deliver on time in full and have an excellent track record for doing so. However, from time to time problems can occur in manufacturing which precludes this. In such cases, we will give you as much notice as possible of any potential delay.

Some deliveries are made by our transport or if requested, by dedicated “door to door” Courier, but most deliveries are made by next day parcel or pallet courier (UK).

Goods for delivery to Mainland Europe are dispatched by UPS on either next day or standard delivery (2 to 5 days depending on the delivery country) as agreed at the time of order. On request, we will provide the UPS tracking number for your delivery.

Please advise us if you would prefer to collect your goods or for us to use another specified courier.

To fulfill our environmental policy (MTM are certificated to ISO14001 Environmental Management System) we will use the minimum amount of packaging suitable for the mode of transport commensurate with adequate protection of the goods in transit.

Have we answered all your questions?

If we have not answered all your questions, please either call our team on 01246 450228 or email with your question.

Our sales team is available to provide suggested solutions for your label and nameplate requirements either over the phone or, where required, on your site.

All the products we supply are bespoke to a single customer, but our website provides a good insight into our range and capabilities. However, if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our sales team.