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MTM Products are a preferred supplier to many of the leading emergency lighting original equipment manufacturers in the UK and Mainland Europe.

LED illumination of signs has brought new challenges and MTM Products has worked in partnership with equipment manufacturers to ensure that fire escape signage is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The emergency lighting industry is heavily regulated with International, European and National specifications defining safety colours, safety symbols, illuminance and colour contrast. The position and type of light source differs for each product and customised solutions are required.

MTM Products also offer photo luminescent safety signage.

MTM Products is respected by its customers as a professional and easy to work with partner with the expertise to develop and deliver high quality compliant products.

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Features and Benefits

Technical expertise based on over 40 years’ experience

Problem solving skills

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment

Customised solutions

Specific understanding of the needs of the emergency lighting sector

Customer driven

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Things to consider

Every requirement is different and needs a bespoke solution.

Signs that are illuminated present their own challenges as even the smallest blemish shows up. The controls and expertise required to manufacture high quality, blemish free emergency lighting signage are extremely high and MTM Products has been selected as a strategic supplier by some of the leading European emergency lighting companies because of its expertise, quality, competitive pricing and customer driven ethos.

We supply signs complying with ISO7010, BS5499, HTM065 and the European Sign Directive. We also supply other pictograms showing the location of facilities or fire lighting equipment.

All the materials used by MTM Products are RoHS and REACH compliant unless specifically stated otherwise.

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Our Approach

We use our manufacturing expertise and technical capability to engineer a solution, right for your product. We work collaboratively, using innovative processes to give you practical and cost-effective solutions.

Let’s find the solution to your industrial graphics requirements, together.

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