MTM’s lays out its seven-year plan to further cut emissions

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MTM Products, one of the UK’s leading industrial graphics suppliers, has revealed a bold set of annual targets to further cut its carbon emissions before 2030.

After reducing its operational carbon footprint by 34 tonnes of CO2e – or 37 per cent – over the past 12 months, MTM has now pledged further reductions of 8 tonnes of CO2e each year for the next seven years.

To support this, the company is looking to undertake a switch to 100 per cent renewable energy tariffs in an aim to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and embrace cleaner energy sources.

MTM’s mission was prompted not only by the desire to proactively address its environmental impact but also to benefit its customers, who increasingly expect partners to prioritise sustainability.

It appointed CarbonQuota, a print and packaging carbon reduction and measurement specialist, as an external partner to support its transformation.

As part of the roadmap developed with CarbonQuota, MTM is planning to replace its existing natural gas boilers with electric alternatives. The business is also aware of the pivotal role that transportation plays and is exploring the possibility of transitioning to more sustainable vehicles, potentially through hybrid options.

Managing Director Mark Niblett explained why these initiatives were so important.

“Exploring the switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity and looking at sustainable vehicle options is not just about meeting environmental regulations, it’s about leading by example and inspiring change within our industry,” he said.

In an effort to enhance energy efficiency, MTM has switched to UV dryers, a technology which significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional electric dryers. These are equipped with a ‘dead man’ switch, guaranteeing safety and enhancing energy efficiency.

This transition has not only resulted in reduced energy costs but has also paved the way for other future plans, notably the installation of heat exchangers. These will harness waste energy generated during the production process to heat up workspaces within the building.

“Our transition to UV dryers was a strategic move towards energy efficiency. By investing in this technology, we’ve reduced our energy costs and paved the way for exciting plans like the heat exchangers, which will further reduce our reliance on traditional heating methods,” said Mark.

MTM’s dedication to sustainability extends into its digital transformation journey.

The company, with the support of CarbonQuota, has secured grant funding, which has aided the implementation of sensors throughout the factory to measure energy consumption and improve overall efficiency.

From this, MTM is looking to embrace new Manufacturing Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management systems, which provide insights into unproductive time and help identify areas where improvements can be made.

“Our ongoing digital transformation is not just about efficiency, it’s about becoming a smarter, more sustainable organisation. With new systems in place, we’ll have a clearer picture of our operations and can make data-driven decisions to minimise waste and energy consumption,” said Mark.

Employees are also benefiting from this digital transformation with the introduction of a cloud-based HR system, accessible via a mobile app, to streamline HR processes.

As it continues its transformation, the business will continue to be supported by its own in-house Green Committee, with the objective of leading by example and inspiring change.

Mark believes this approach will help attract talent into the business.

“Candidates are increasingly seeking employers who think and act sustainably. At MTM, we understand that sustainability isn’t just about ethics. It’s a necessity for attracting and retaining the best people,” he said.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s future sustainability plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Written by: MTM

Published on: 13 November 2023

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