MTM Products partners with CarbonQuota to accelerate their sustainability journey


MTM Products, one of the leading UK industrial graphics suppliers, proudly announces its strategic partnership with CarbonQuota, a print and packaging carbon measurement and reduction specialist. The partnership reflects MTM’s firm commitment to delivering a more energy-efficient and carbon-reduced operation.

Mark Niblett, Managing Director of MTM Products | Dominic Harris, Co-Founder at CarbonQuota

Catering to a diverse range of industries, MTM supplies original equipment manufacturers in the UK and EU, with a particular focus on automotive, electrical and electronic, rail, medical, construction, and machinery equipment sectors. The company’s industry-specific stock management systems, including lineside stocking, buffer stocks, and call-off orders, ensure seamless and efficient supply chain operations for its esteemed clientele. The company already operates to recognized industry standards, including BS, ISO, and UL/ANSI, and holds ISO9001/14001 certifications.

Mark Niblett, Managing Director of MTM Products commented:

“We take pride in our technical and applications engineering expertise, the expertise and proficiency of our teams, competitive pricing, and our signature MTM Express quick turnaround service. It is now becoming increasingly important to our clients to also understand our environmental impact. Our partnership with CarbonQuota signifies our commitment to decarbonise as much as possible by 2030. This not only benefits the environment but also brings with it many other advantages for MTM Products Ltd, including competitive differentiation.“

MTM Products engaged CarbonQuota to accelerate its carbon reduction efforts, aligning with the 2030 government directive and rising client demands for environmentally conscious practices. CarbonQuota’s expertise in carbon management and granular three-step approach provided MTM with a clear roadmap to establish baselines, set objectives, and execute their decarboniastion plans.

One of the primary goals of this partnership was to demonstrate MTM’s commitment to delivering measurable carbon footprint reduction results. Independent assessment by CarbonQuota has confirmed the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of MTM’s energy use and carbon footprint data. As a result of their implemented carbon reduction strategies, MTM has successfully decreased its operational carbon footprint by an impressive 34 tonnes of CO2e over the past year.

Looking forward, MTM Products is determined to continue reducing its carbon emissions, furthering environmental responsibility, and setting new benchmarks for lower carbon manufacturing practices. By partnering with CarbonQuota, MTM is poised to drive positive change within its business and beyond.

Written by: MTM

Published on: 9 August 2023

Categories: Company News