MTM invests over £150,000 in new plant and equipment


MTM recognises the need to continuously improve productivity to remain one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of industrial graphic products.

We have ordered a range of machines which will increase capacity and improve efficiency and productivity across our product range.

The largest single item of investment is a Digital Printer for aluminium. The machine has been supplied by Polychromal in the Netherlands who also supply our special open pore aluminium which can be used for both screen and digital printing and result in the print being sealed under the anodised layer. MTM have a long standing relationship with Polychromal, who are a similar sized company to ourselves and share the same business values. The latest version of the Polychromal DSE Aluprinter enables us to digitally print all our existing aluminium labels and nameplates but will also enable us to print photo quality graphics onto aluminium which we are not currently able to offer. Our friends at Polychromal have their own nameplate department mainly servicing the Benelux countries and the machine we are buying benefits from the enhancements introduced over the years as a result of their own experience in this market.

Watch the “News” section for more information on this and our other capital investments over the next few months

Written by: MTM

Published on: 22 October 2019

Categories: Company News