MTM invests in new equipment


MTM has a strong track record in investing in modern efficient manufacturing and IT equipment in both good and difficult economic times.

The oldest piece of equipment at MTM was a paper guillotine which dates back to the 1970’s. This machine was purchased second hand in the 1990’s and was upgraded with digital controls about ten years ago. Although this essential piece of equipment has served us well for many decades, it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain spares and the decision was made to replace it.

You would imagine it would be easy to find a new machine that would match the performance of this old machine but it proved far more difficult than anticipated with the clamp pressure on standard machines being so high that it squeezed the adhesive out of self-adhesive materials. However after a good deal of trials and assistance from supplier Friedheim International we were able to find a manufacturer who had a machine which addressed the needs of cutting adhesives and self-adhesive vinyl without squeezing the life out of them and we took delivery of a Wohlenberg guillotine at the beginning of 2013. This was a significant investment for MTM and follows equally large investments in printing, finishing and screen reclamation equipment in prior years.

MTM has also recently ordered a fibre laser machine for marking stainless steel and this will enhance our existing equipment used in the manufacture of stainless steel labels giving us a competitive edge.

MTM has continued to invest in modern equipment when many of our competitors have cut back their investment plans during the difficult economic times we have all experienced in recent years. This means we are ready for the upturn in demand which will inevitably come.

Written by: MTM

Published on: 11 July 2019

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