Colour Matching & Measurement

Colour Matching & Measurement

At MTM, we have the ability to colour match and check colour consistency to Pantone, RAL, RGB or CMYK colours, so that your chosen labels, nameplates and signage follow your brand guidelines or required health and safety regulations.

Our in-house colour matching and measurement facilities

Using our in-house facilities, we can:

  • Ensure good contrast between colours (particularly important for the partially sighted)
  • Colour match and measure deviation from master samples, ensuring colour consistency between manufacturing batches
  • Make sure safety colours fall within the defined parameters of international standards

Utilising all of these techniques, it enables us to enhance your product, making sure it conforms with your brand.

At MTM Products, we have both screen printing and digital printing processes for plastics and metals, and can achieve colour matched spot colours, CMYK photo quality and crystal clear display windows, using one or a combination of both printing techniques.

All our safety labels and nameplate products are also compliant with IS03864 and/or ANSI Z535 safety colours.

What colour matching and measurement techniques do MTM use?

  • Spectrophotometry
    • Matching to RAL, Pantone and BS colour references
    • Colour matching to samples
    • L*A*B measurements
  • LRV colour measurement to ensure good colour contrast between text or symbols and the background colour

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